Poème 'The forgotten sanctuary' de guillaumePrevel

The forgotten sanctuary


I remember myself of a place of my secret past
Where I wandered dreamily at the end of the school
This place was a discreet kindling where it was chilly
And where the red sheets of the autumn fell after a light flight

Nobody to my knowledge, knew the mystery about it
And imagined only in his environment was an isolated grave
Quite hidden by the surrounding wall made by an old stony wall,
That same the angels seemed to have ignored.

I remember the silence which reigned in this wood and the fear
That I felt(experienced) by approaching silencer of the sacred sanctuary
Embalmed by an outmoded veil of sadness, by tears and by tears

And of the terror which I felt to chant the notes of the name
Of the one the green and wet foam(moss) of which recovered the memory
Fearing that my hand crossing the stone

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